• Jason Statham - Parker
  • Jennifer Lopez - Leslie Rodgers
  • Michael Chiklis - Melander
  • Wendell Pierce - Carlson
  • Clifton Collins Jr. - Ross
  • Bobby Cannavale - Jake Fernandez
  • Patti LuPone - Ascension
  • Carlos Carrasco - Norte
  • Micah Hauptman - August Hardwicke (as Micah A. Hauptman)
  • Emma Booth - Claire
  • Nick Nolte - Hurley
  • Daniel Bernhardt - Kroll
  • Jon Eyez - Jack
  • Billy Slaughter - Ohio State Fair Security Guard Ben
  • Carl J. Walker - Ohio State Fair Accounts Manager (as Carl Walker)


Let’s go over the main cast of the movie ‘Parker’

Parker – Played by Jason Statham
He’s the protagonist of the movie and the guy going by the name Parker. Jason Statham plays the role to perfection and shows us the same class that he had exhibited in The Transporter trilogy. Jason is an English actor and some of his other popular movies are The Italian Job, The Transporter, Death Race, The Bank Job, The Fast and the Furious, The Expendables, Snatch, Revolver and more.

Leslie Rodgers – Played by Jennifer Lopez
She plays the role of a real estate agent in the movie, who assists Parker in his revenge mission. We all know who Jennifer Lopez is! She’s many people rolled into one – a singer, a performer, a celebrity, an author, a fashion designer, an actor and more! She’s been active in the industry since 1986 and was married to Marc Anthony (the singer) until sometime ago. Some of her popular films are The Wedding Planner, My Little Girl, Selena, Out of Sight and more.

Melander – Played by Michael Chiklis
Michael Chiklis plays the role of Melander, the villain in the movie. He’s the guy who betrays Parker and gets him shot after refusing to participate in their next heist. The role is played by Michael Chiklis who is an American television producer, director and actor. Some of the other movies he’s been seen in are - Fantastic Four film series, No Ordinary Family, American Horror Story, LAPD, The Shield and more.

Ross – Played by Clifton Collins Jr.
He’s a crew member in Melander’s gang and gets killed by Parker later in the movie. The role is played by Clifton Collins Jr, the grandson of famous actor Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales. Some other films that he’s been seen in are - Weightless, Stung, Transcendence, Pacific Rim, Triple Nine, The Experiment, Brothers, Extract, Star Trek, Sunshine Cleaning and more.

Jake Fernandez – Played by Bobby Cannavale
Bobby Cannavale plays the role of Jake Fernandez, the deputy sheriff at the Palm Beach, Florida. He’s the one who questions Leslie after discovering that she had been dealing with Parker (assuming the identity of Daniel Parmitt). Bobby is another popular actor who has given memorable performances in movies like – Ant Man, Adult Beginners, Lovelace, Chef, Spy, Blue Jasmine, Danny Collins, The Ten, Happy Endings and more.

Ascension – Played by Patti Lupone
She’s the mother of Leslie or Jennifer Lopez in the movie. Played by Patti Lupone, the character has its own unique strengths in the movie. Patti is another accomplished actress who has starred in other movies like – State and Main, City by the Sea, Heist, Summer of Sam, Monday Night Mayhem, Company, Driving Miss Daisy and more.

Claire – Played by Emma Booth
Claire is the girlfriend and daughter of Parker’s mentor Hurley (played by Nick Nolte) in the movie. She gets quite a lot footage, appearing to patch up Parker’s wounds, escaping the clutches of Kroll the killer and at many other places.