• Jason Statham - Parker
  • Jennifer Lopez - Leslie Rodgers
  • Michael Chiklis - Melander
  • Wendell Pierce - Carlson
  • Clifton Collins Jr. - Ross
  • Bobby Cannavale - Jake Fernandez
  • Patti LuPone - Ascension
  • Carlos Carrasco - Norte
  • Micah Hauptman - August Hardwicke (as Micah A. Hauptman)
  • Emma Booth - Claire
  • Nick Nolte - Hurley
  • Daniel Bernhardt - Kroll
  • Jon Eyez - Jack
  • Billy Slaughter - Ohio State Fair Security Guard Ben
  • Carl J. Walker - Ohio State Fair Accounts Manager (as Carl Walker)


Positive elements

In the movie Parker, Jason Statham, the protagonist has a certain code of honor. However strange it may appear, but the story writer deserves a pat on the back for at least giving the character a certain code – something that’s completely missing in all of his adversaries or partners in crime. A part of that code involves acting like or actually being a pretty nice guy – at least during the times when he is not stealing things.

So, while wandering around at the Ohio State fair, even though Parker wins the Carney game, he hands out the stuffed animal he wins to a little girl. Then when Parker and his crew members break into the cash room at the fair, Parker attempts to calm down the security guard who panics out pretty badly. And when one of the gang members messes up a part of the plan, leading to the loss of an innocent life, Parker gets very hassled and disturbed.

He lets his feelings known quite clearly and tells the minor gangster to never ever go back on a promise. It shows that Parker’s words are always golden, regardless of his deeds. And when he succeeds at the heist of a lifetime, Parker keeps in mind every single individual who had helped him to pull it off. He repays his debt of gratitude to the tomato farmer’s family that had taken him to the hospital after he had gotten shot and was lying in a pool of blood, on roadside. He sends them enough cash for them to afford a new house. There are several other acts of kindness you get to see from other characters of the movie as well.

Parker’s spiritual side comes to the fore when he gets into the costume of a priest during the Ohio State fair job.

There is a slight bit of sexual content also in the movie, wherein you get to see a topless Claire along with Parker. This is after both of them had indulged in some hanky-panky! There is a slight-bit more amount of nudity in the movie with Jennifer Lopez baring a bit too! I’ll count all that as 100% positive!

Parker is a kind of film that is powered with the feelings like envy, wish fulfilment, passion, revenge, violence and more. The feeling of envy gets clearly depicted in the way Leslie (played by Jennifer Lopez) questions that why do the rich people living in Palm Beach get to stay in those multi-million dollar mansions while she’s stuck in a condo?! And why do others have Bentleys while her little Toyota’s getting repossessed?!

The movie had been made in a way that everyone would feel an emotional sense in the justice. In a way, Parker is a slightly modern version of the conventional Robin Hood tale with one main difference – rather than taking from the rich and giving to the poor, the protagonist takes from the rich, then single-handedly creates some more new rich people, and kills everyone who is bad!