• Jason Statham - Parker
  • Jennifer Lopez - Leslie Rodgers
  • Michael Chiklis - Melander
  • Wendell Pierce - Carlson
  • Clifton Collins Jr. - Ross
  • Bobby Cannavale - Jake Fernandez
  • Patti LuPone - Ascension
  • Carlos Carrasco - Norte
  • Micah Hauptman - August Hardwicke (as Micah A. Hauptman)
  • Emma Booth - Claire
  • Nick Nolte - Hurley
  • Daniel Bernhardt - Kroll
  • Jon Eyez - Jack
  • Billy Slaughter - Ohio State Fair Security Guard Ben
  • Carl J. Walker - Ohio State Fair Accounts Manager (as Carl Walker)



Parker, the protagonist of Donald Westlake’s stories has had a history of finding his way out of Donald’s pulpy novels, and making his appearance on the big screen many times before the release of Parker, the movie. All his previous appearances achieved varying levels of successes. The most notable work was created in the year 1968, by the name Point Blank. It had a pretty strong ending. Then, Mel Gibson’s Payback released in the year 1999. Parker, which stars Jason Statham, the single man vengeance machine, has its origins in the story written by Donald Westlake in the year 2000, with the name Flashfire. It also has quite a few significant details from another popular film – The Hunter from 1962 (which formed the basis for couple of other popular films). Statham plays the role of a thief having a moral code of conduct. He gets double-crossed and shot by his own crew members, then left on the roadside to die a cruel death. He reacts to this treatment by plotting and taking a cucumber-cool, stylish and bloody revenge.

After having carried out a thoroughly entertaining heist at the Ohio State fair, Parker or Jason Statham’s new team, headed by an inexplicably drained out and growling Michael Chiklis and assisted by Wendell Pierce (of The Wire’s fame), asks him to assist in another heist, this time at a jewelry auction. Parker refuses and asks for his share in the last heist, only to be shot by them in return.

The result - he reacts in pretty much the same manner as he does in all his movies; that is by calmly assessing the situation and finding out the best method of surviving, yet delivering the appropriate punishment!
He tracks down the crew with the help of his mentor Nick Nolte, whose daughter Claire he’s in love with. Actually, Nick Nolte’s role could have also been replaced by a few phone calls.

Then there is Jennifer Lopez in the movie, playing the female lead. Although she plays a key role in few situations, many people feel that she could have been used in a much better way. Jennifer Lopez plays a real estate agent who hasn’t had any success in her career. Although she doesn’t have any formal training in combat, and knows least about the crime world, she insists on assisting Statham on his revenge task for a cut in the bounty (jewelry stolen from the Chiklis’ crew). Apart from that, she also has a soft spot for Jason and does all that she can to make him reciprocate.

Parker starts of on a pretty strong note and the action sequences overall are exactly what Jason Statham is well known for. There is a very clever scene where Jason Statham is playing a bad ass and charming guy like always. He dispatches some baddies who have laid hands on his supplier of fake IDs, all ending up in some cleverly choreographed action sequences.

All in all, a must-watch for all action crime thriller lovers!